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More Halloween Fun With Thanksgiving Geocaching

Dec 3, 2008 by     1 Comment    Posted under: The Geo-Life

Borrowing a disclaimer from tonka_boy,


This post contains descriptions and photographs of specific geocaches that may be considered spoilers. If you geocache in the Eagan/Apple Valley/Rosemount area, you are hereby warned: do not read this post until you have completed the Halloween 2008 series by bflentje.

Being surprised on your own is just too sweet!

Now, on with the post. (Scroll down.)


Maybe not your traditional Thanksgiving, but since it was just the two of us, we decided to spend it looking for more Halloween fun doing what is now our traditional geocaching.

As before, the hider is taking us to parks we hadn’t explored before, but probably very well known to locals, which he is as I understand.  Again kudos a plenty for these hides, all of which are well off the beaten path, with the promise of being able to search in peace.

Halloween fun geocachingNow the cache owner encourages that these be found in the dark.  Well, the hunt for this first cache was way off trail, snaking through an area where trees have been cut in anticipation of herbicide application, methinks.

This one almost did us in.  Again, as in most all of the caches, this one was located in an area that the glacier gave a pass, leaving steep terrain in its aftermath.  Read:  lots of walking on hilly trails.

My Blackberry pointed us to the obvious beacon, but kept changing its mind–just like a man.  LOL!  Tonka_boy was getting a bit cranky with this one.  How could we not find it?  Then he spotted the clue and found this one.  Not sure if I’m so glad he did.  How trippy is this one!

Halloween fun on ThanksgivingWhile we did other caches that day, the Halloween ones, of course, were the most fun.  I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit nervous approaching this next cache.  My GPSr was taking us right into muggle central on a path behind a subdivision.  As the compass started to point left, we heard some kids approaching.  Not wanting them to see where we ducked into, we quickly descended yet another steep slope down to the bottomlands.

Again, more bushwhacking and burrs, but success was in hand with tonka_boy making the grab.

I did want to revisit one cache we found the weekend before. I’m not a huge fan of micros, let alone urban, stealth required caches.  I’m just not that sneaky.

Following the coordinates on this cache, we were led downtown.  Fortunately, being a cold, gray day, many decided home was a better place.  Again, the hackles were up as the compass pointed us to a parking lot–across from the police station.

Halloween geocachingThere was only one place the cache could be hidden.  I sat on a bench, trying to look nonchalant while tonka_boy searched.  We both saw the this-doesn’t-belong giveaway at the same time. 

A little messed up, but it certainly was the most fun I had finding a micro.

We had a few more to get, including the one we couldn’t find the first time out.  Check back for more Halloween geocaching.

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  • I’ve read from link to link on your related posts and enjoyed them all.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’ve put yours on Feed.

    Just about to go out on another cache expedition. It’s a micro with clues to a second, in amongst ancient Indian pictographs in the desert. Can’t wait.

    Fitzy’s last blog post.."It’s COOL because Holly does it!"